Confidence, Resilience, EQ Training & Coaching To Transform Your Mindset And Sales Performance.

Are you a coach, business owner, or sales professional?

Earn Your Worth

Trust in the value of what you are selling and confidently ask for the business.

Show Up Confidently

Build trust faster by demonstrating unwavering confidence during sales meetings, pitches, or social media lives.

Increase Resilience

Stay on top of your time, remain motivated, and prioritise, even when times are tough.

What are the benefits of the programme?

Increase revenue

Remove doubt & procrastination. Focus on what’s not working and create new powerful habits to take action on what will work.


Develop the emotional resilience to overcome rejection and keep pushing forward even during tough times

Be visible

Get the confidence to show up authentically and connect with clients

The Science Behind The Approach

  • At Impactful Today NLP, hypnosis, mindfulness and accountability coaching are combined to give rapid transformational change.
  • The COM-B model of behaviour change is incorporated in work with clients which revolves around 3 key components for change: capability, opportunity, and motivation.
  • Neuroscience principles and the Power of Habits are used to encourage clients to be consistent with new behaviours until they are locked in.

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3 Pillar Framework For Success

1:1 Coaching

Deep dive consultation and session to target the mindset block, fear, or doubts and create a step plan with clear KPI target.

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Sales Mindset Academy

Get my app to rewire your mindset on the go with audios based on top sales competency areas to drive the right behaviours based on neuroscience.

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Training Library

Access training on-demand 24/7 on any device. Learn how to improve confidence, create powerful habits, develop emotional resilience and reduce stress for peak performance.

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Find Out Why My 5 Step Model Works So Fast

We’ll cover:

  • Your specific problem
  • What’s been holding you back
  • What you’ve tried already
  • Where your mindset is right now
  • How to solve your problem using the 5 Step model & IMPACT methodology
  • A demo of my coaching platform and membership resources
  • Any questions you want answering
  • A personalized action plan for you to take things forward

Why work with me?

Brainz Executive Contributor & Global CREA Honoree

Edmund is an executive contributor for Brainz Magazine and writes about mindset, confidence, and being authentic. In 2021 he was awarded the CREA global award for recognition of his work in mindset.

Rapid transformational change

Most clients see results in less than 4 weeks and say that they spent hours on self-help books, podcasts and courses until they spent time with Edmund..

15 years experience in people development

Edmund has worked in global performance, talent, and people development. His passion is applying behavioural change and the power of habits to create rapid acceleration in his clients’ lives.

5 Step model and methodology

Edmund uses a 5 step CLEAR Impact model to create self-awareness which empowers business owners, coaches and sales professionals to really understand the power of thoughts, habits and emotions on their decisions. He then uses his IMPACT methodology to create new, powerful habits that drive behavioural change.

About Edmund

I’m a dad on a mission to empower coaches, business owners and salespeople who struggle with mindset and / or mental health to recognise their true worth, build trust fast and sell with impact.

What clients say after working with Edmund