My Mission

Hi, I’m Edmund. I’ve spent 15 years working in people development for local and global brands; training, coaching and mentoring people to achieve their goals.

We all feel stuck at some point. After spending years in a successful corporate career I became very ill with a condition which caused me to feel in regular pain. I felt stuck. I wasn’t sure if I could give my all in a 9-5 role anymore due to not always feeling great.

I needed to do something different while keeping to my passion of helping people. So I decided to create a business with the primary intention of helping others who feel stuck, in their career, their business or their general lives.

From stuck to self assured

I explored what causes people to feel stuck: mindset, lack of confidence, overwhelm, self doubt and procrastination. I created the IMPACT model so I could give clients a transformative experience using neuroscience, coaching, neurolinguistic programming and hypnotherapy.

So now I enjoy helping mid-management corporate professionals and solopreneurs overcome their fear of taking action and trusting their own decisions using the IMPACT model so they go from stuck to feeling unapologetically confident, self-assured and empowered to take action.

Let me ask you a few questions to see if they resonate:

👉 Are you feeling stuck right now in your career or business?

👉 Are you constantly over thinking, worried about whether you are making the right decisions?

👉 Do you find you start things but keep putting off completing them?

👉 Do you want to scale up in your business or career but are afraid of the next level and the fear of failing?

👉 Do you worry about whether you are good enough to be in the role you’re in right now and wonder if people will figure you out?

👉 Do you have anxiety about doing presentations, interviews or pitches?

👉 Do you feel that everything is just too overwhelming and it’s easier to just give up?

👉 If you’ve answered yes to any of the above then let’s speak.

As Featured In

Impactful Today Ltd.
Impactful Today Ltd.

Are you ready to level up?

✅ Eliminate imposter syndrome so you can show up authentically on client calls to close more deals

✅ Annihilate money blocks so you can charge what you are worth for products / services and get the lifestyle you deserve

✅ Confidently & authentically show up on Facebook lives and social to connect with clients and close more business

✅ Gain clarity on goals, crush procrastination and eliminate sabotage

✅ Trust your decisions so you can stop overthinking and loosing productivity

✅ Develop an abundant mindset so you can easily take steps out of your comfort zone to scale your business

✅ Learn how to quickly setup a website or online presence using WordPress with plugin recommendations and automation

✅ Eliminate imposter syndrome so you can show up to work authentically and feel good enough

✅ Develop unshakeable confidence so you can eradicate presentation & interview nerves

✅ Show up confidently to sales or business meetings, easily communicating your points

✅ Trust you are good enough for the next level up and create a development plan to help you get there

✅ Gain clarity on goals, crush procrastination and eliminate sabotage

✅ Be more assertive at work and trust your decisions

✅ Learn how to optimise your Linkedin profile and online presence so you can stand out for employers

IMPACT Membership

👉 On demand #support

24/7 access to articles, videos, worksheets, strategies, training & mindset audios for an affordable monthly payment

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I'm excited for you

IMPACT Coaching

👉 Stuck to #thriving

Learn how to crush procrastination, gain clarity on goals and take action to be more successful

Ready to achieve your goals?

I'm ready

IMPACT Transformation

👉 Mindset #MOT

Learn how to eliminate limiting beliefs like money blocks, confidence and get ahead in your career or business.

Ready to upgrade your mindset?

I'm ready

IMPACT Training

👉 Close the #gaps

Identify the competency gaps in your development so you can navigate complexities in business or in your career

Ready to start investing in your development?

I'm ready

Success Stories


"Edmund is an amazing and professional Coach. His work is very thorough and he was able to wonderfully guide me to see the limiting beliefs that were holding me back and completely erase them from my subconscious mind."

IMPACT Transformation

"A wonderfully empowering session with Edmund. He made me feel very relaxed throughout, helped me clearly define the issue that I wanted to work with. Thank you Edmund."

IMPACT Transformation Plus Coaching

"Edmund is a great listener and explained the process to me in a way that made me feel ready to engage in the session. Since the session with Edmund I feel more empowered to embrace life and move boldly forward with confidence."

IMPACT Transformation
Getting started

I.M.P.A.C.T Model

All consultations, workshops and training sessions are done via Zoom. Consultations are treated with strict confidentiality. No 1:1 sessions are recorded and contact data is never shared with anyone.

  • Consultations are 30 mins. 
  • Coaching sessions are 60 mins.
  • Transformation sessions are 120 mins.

Let's chat

If you're on Facebook Messenger feel free to reach out and we can discuss any questions you have.

All queries are typically replied within 2 hrs.

Identify the goal
Let's talk, get to know each other. We'll identify what you want and what you believe is holding you back from getting it
Measure what good looks like
We'll work together to quantify the impact you desire so we can track progress
Program your mindset for success
We'll work on a strategy together to reframe your mindset using best practice techniques in hypnotherapy, neuroscience and neurolingusitic programming
Action plan
We'll agree powerful actions to stretch you and achieve your goals using mindset breakthroughs
Coaching for accountability
I'll hold you accountable by challenging you using powerful questioning, worksheets and assigned actions.
Transforming your potential
We'll review your progress at the end to quantify the impact and review how the breakthroughs from mindset shifts & actions has contributed to the attainment of your goal(s).
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