About Edmund

Edmund is the Founder & Chief Impact Officer at Impactful Today.  He is a TAP accredited trainer, member of the CIPD and LPI.

After spending 15 years in global learning, talent, performance, and people development he wanted to pursue his passion for developing capability and empowering people to reach their potential.

Having spent time delving into neuroscience and mindset during his time in corporate he completed training in hypnosis so he could remove the blocks preventing people from reaching their goals.

He trialed a new way of working with clients and what he discovered was phenomenal. The CLEAR Impact model was born and from that, he developed his IMPACT methodology.

Clients would often describe wanting to make a bigger impact in their personal or professional lives and so the name Impactful Today was born.

His vision for the business would be that he would enable his clients to transform their thinking, and by doing that, this would transform their results.

Why Impactful Today?

A lot of coaches promise a lot in their programmes. They end up giving you worksheets, videos, and guides however there’s one thing that’s never really covered in depth.


Edmund believes that this has become a buzzword and instead prefers to deep dive and understand the root cause behind a person’s behaviour.

If a business owner is struggling to increase sales because they can’t stand up in front of people the usual answer might be to send them for sales training.

What if they have a mindset block? How will the sales training address that?

By addressing the root cause and changing the behaviour at a subconscious level Edmund works with clients and then through success coaching sets goals to use the mindset breakthroughs.

The result?

Clients achieve goals in a much faster timeframe.

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Edmund has helped clients increase their productivity by 65%
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Worked with hundreds of clients
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15 years experience in people development

Why Do Clients Choose Edmund?

Clients recommend Edmund because he:

  • Deep dives into the specific issue
  • Creates a goal plan and holds them accountable
  • Tracks everything in a professional coaching platform
  • Empowers them to remove fears, mindset blocks and supercharge their confidence, motivation, and productivity
  • Helps them get more clients

Edmund and Impactful Today’s mission is to

Empower business owners and leaders to remove mindset blocks and barriers to their success.

To inspire leaders to fearlessly follow their passion and purpose authentically.

Impactful Today’s values are:

  • Be fearless
  • Be passionate
  • Be the change you want