About me

Edmund Ellison


Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Practitioner, TAP Certified Trainer and Coach

Hi I’m Edmund. I’ve worked in people management and development for over 10 years in both public & private sectors on behalf of leading UK brands and global brands such as Vodafone.

Like most people 2020 is a year I will never forget. Having been ill with a medical condition I took some time to reflect especially with the Covid 19 pandemic around what my purpose was and having a better work life balance with family.

I left a senior corporate role and started Impactful Today because I wanted to empower people to remove doubt, feel confident, empowered and get the impact they deserve in their professional or business lives.

I spent time learning rapid transformational therapy and hypnotherapy because I realised that most of the issues blocking people from success were in the sub-conscious.

I developed the I.M.P.A.C.T programme to empower people who want unapologetic success in business, life or in their career.

Together we’ll uncover, reprogramme and upgrade your sub-conscious to crush self-doubt, feel more confident and take action so you can be more successful.