Confidence, Resilience, EQ Training & Coaching To Transform Your Mindset And Sales performance.

  • Do you experience anxiety, overthinking, and knots in your stomach before you have to ring or virtually speak to potential clients, go live on social or do a sales pitch in front of a group of people?
  • Do you feel under pressure to achieve targets and find that the stress is affecting your mindset, mood, and happiness?
  • Do you avoid cold calls, FB lives, and pitches because you’re worried about what people think of you or if you’ll be criticised?

Critical issues facing business owners, coaches and salespeople:

  • Raising the quality of sales calls with your clients by providing value
  • Showing up authentically on social media to connect with buyers without overthinking about the message or potential criticism.
  • Discovering client’s needs and linking these needs persuasively with your solutions
  • Resolving objections and resistance in a client-focused manner
  • Closing effectively in order to move the deal forward

Studies show that fear can inhibit our ability to take risks and be authentic.

Nefzi, (2018), highlights how fear can be linked to risk aversion in entrepreneurs. Studies have also indicated similar for salespeople.

Creating new powerful habits and taking risks are important so we can evolve with today’s uncertain challenges.

Are you thinking about achieving your goals or taking action?

Sheeran (2002), appears to indicate that simply having an intention to act and actually acting is only correlated by 28% in actual behaviour change.

Conclusion – fear and how we perceive our abilities can cause us to procrastinate and miss opportunities


Sheeran, Paschal. (2002). Intention—Behavior Relations: A Conceptual and Empirical Review. European Review of Social Psychology. 12. 1-36. 10.1080/14792772143000003.

Nefzi, Nabiha. (2018). Fear of Failure and Entrepreneurial Risk Perception. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Knowledge. 6. 45-58. 10.2478/ijek-2018-0013.

What if things were different?

If you could reduce stress, eliminate fears, show up more confident, and start forming new powerful habits faster, what impact would that have on your business or career?


Sales Confidence Mastery

Gain access to an exclusive online platform optimized for coaching.

Features included to empower you to reach your goals faster:

  • KPI / Metric tracking
  • Action tracking
  • Journal facility
  • Email calendar sync – all appointments sync immediately to your diary
  • Text and email alerts
  • Whiteboard facility
  • Zoom webinars
  • Easy 3 click feature to book appointments
  • Mobile optimized

Your programme will be tailored to you and a demo is included during a strategy call so you can see exactly what you’ll be getting.

This is for you if...

  • You have the passion and drive to succeed yet something is holding you back. You keep procrastinating and putting things off.
  • You want more clients and momentum in your business yet you seem to be running round in circles at the moment.
  • You know you are good at what you do however you get really nervous and anxious which you feel holds you back

This isn't for you if...

  • You’re not committed to taking action and implementing the steps
  • You’re expecting that you’ll hit your income goals just by investing in this programme. Consistency is key and you might need to adjust your strategy a few times depending on your audience and niche
  • You’re worried that investing in this programme will put you under pressure to make decisions and act. This is part of the thinking that this programme is designed to support you with.
  • Dramatically improve the quality of sales calls and social media lives by removing mindset blocks, anxiety, and fear holding you back
  • Drive revenue and business performance by planning your live videos to address the needs of your audience, showing massive value upfront
  • Change your mindset from scarcity to abundance so you can charge your worth
  • Increase your resilience to criticism and objections
  • Define the clear metric or goal that we’ll work towards for the end of the 8 weeks
  • Enter the KPI into the dashboard to track progress against the goal
  • Setup a personal project dashboard to track the actions we’re taking to reach the goal with SMART timeframes
  • Apply the 5 step CLEAR Impact model to understand what is causing you to feel stuck
  • Implement the IMPACT methodology to reframe the mindset blocks holding you back
  • Use the mindset breakthroughs to push you outside of your comfort zone with accountability coaching
  • Develop skills in building rapport by having you practice your live script and approach

The programme is tailored to each person however the main audience that it suitable includes:

  • Coaches
  • Salespeople
  • Business owners

This programme is primarily aimed at clients where selling forms a large part of their role.

If you are interested and have a different type of business model please contact me.

This course is delivered using a hybrid approach. It includes a mix of online resources and hands on activity.

You’ll receive:

  • Coaching calls
  • Hypnosis calls
  • Hypnosis audios
  • Mindset Resources (worksheets, whiteboards, journal prompts etc)

Everything is delivered in a structured format.

You can pay using the form below. Access will be granted immediately to the system.

You can spread payments over 4 months @ £500. Terms apply.