Overcoming Imposter Syndrome (short course)


Attention solopreneurs and mid-management corporate professionals!

👉Are you tired of feeling stuck or not good enough?

👉You don’t seem to be getting anywhere in your business or career and it’s super frustrating because you keep seeing people around you (mostly on social media ads) who are living the life that you want.

👉You find you are comparing your situation to others and wish you were further ahead or more successful than you are currently.

👉You are hard on yourself and feel that everything you’ve achieved up to this point is all down to luck.

👉Before you can really start to be successful you need to embrace and live a success mindset.

In this free course you’re going to get a sample of content from the course and learn:

✔️What imposter syndrome is;

✔️The signs to look out for;

✔️How to stop feeling like a fraud;

✔️The different types of imposter syndrome;

✔️How to overcome imposter syndrome;


You are getting:

✔️Lifetime access to all videos;

✔️Free workbook  designed to help you understand what type of imposter syndrome you may have;

✔️Accountability tracker (included in workbook) for you to take action;

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What Will I Learn?

  • Be able to define what imposter syndrome is;
  • Recognise the symptoms that are associated with it;
  • Choose the category that best fits your behaviour;
  • Create an action plan based on best practice advice;
  • Feel empowered that it's possible to overcome imposter syndrome;

Topics for this course

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Getting started?

Welcome to the course
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Course Workbook?

Download and print the workbook before you get started

Module 1- What is imposter syndrome??

Learn what imposter syndrome is and the background to the phenomenon

Module 2 – Signs of imposter syndrome?

Understand what to look out for

Module 3 – How to stop feeling like a fraud?

Take time to reflect on why you're feeling like this

Module 4 – Different types of imposter syndrome?

Learn the different types and better understand where you align to

Module 5 – Overcoming imposter syndrome?

Understand proven strategies and create an action plan

Course Reflection and next steps?

Take time to reflect on what you have learned and how you'll implement positive actions to start thriving in your life without imposter syndrome holding you back.

About the instructor

Edmund Ellison

Chief Impact Officer @ Impactful Today

Edmund has over 15 years experience as a coach, trainer and manager.
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Material Includes

  • Short Video Course on Imposter Syndrome
  • Workbook


  • Download and print workbook


Target Audience

  • Solopreneuers or career professionals
  • NB - This course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about imposter syndrome.