21 Dec 2020

Discover how mindfulness can help with negative self talk

Like many people I enjoy my quiet time to recharge the batteries especially if I have been on calls all day.

I initially found the covid 19 situation quite exhausting with all the constant Zoom calls however I’ve been adjusting like many of you have too.

One of the other things that many of us are guilty of is to over analyse and then procrastinate by accident.

We naturally set ourselves high expectations and because we like to reflect on things are very likely to go back and keep making changes to things.

So if we miss a deadline it’s not because we weren’t fully committed it’s probably because we wanted to get it 100% perfect.

If something isn’t done to the standard we have set for ourselves that’s when you might hear a voice in your mind telling you that you should have done more or were not good enough.

How’s your self talk lately?

Self-talk can be a force of good or bad. It connects your conscious with your unconscious beliefs.

You become what you belief is something that I have come to realise.

Saying positive and affirmative language can build self esteem leading to greater confidence.

Whereas negative self talk can slowly destroy your confidence and hold you back in your career.

Psychology Today has a shocking statistic on their website showing that up to 70 percent of self talk— is negative.

Given that covid has been causing so much overwhelm recently it’s no surprise that  negative self talk is on the rise. 

Fortunately there are a number of strategies to help with this, hypnotherapy being one of them. 

However in this article, we’ll explore now some benefits of mindfulness.

The Benefits of Mindfulness 

Mindfulness is a very useful technique which helps us to take a pause and be present.

Using breathing and switching your focus away from everything that is overwhelming you to just one specific thing at a time gives clarity.

It helps to calm your mind and reset it. Mindfulness is not like hypnotherapy which addresses thoughts at a sub conscious level.

It is very useful for understanding your current thoughts and emotions to question whether they are serving you and giving you the opportunity to reframe them.


Here are 3 ways you can use mindfulness to be more present and reframe negative self talk.

1. Acknowledge how you are feeling 

It’s impossible to prevent negative thoughts from occurring however you can change how you think about them because that it what gives the thought power to influence your emotions.

So it’s ok to accept that the negative thought is there. Just take a pause, take a deep breath and relax. Acknowledge the thought and allow yourself the opportunity to question where this thought has come from; understand that it doesn’t serve your interests and let it go.

2. Headspace

We all need headspace to think and process our thoughts in a way that feels right for us. Take traffic lights for example there’s an order to the timing of the lights. It works and everyone follows it.

What happens when they stop working? Chaos. Everyone is stressed and not sure when they should go. They can’t focus on anything else they are supposed to be doing because they are completely distracted.

If you have distractions going on it will likely upset the balance in your mind. You’ll maybe loose sleep over things like what people said to you, projects that cause you stress etc.

We have no control over these events however we can control the time, effort and energy we put into them.

Having a journal is a great way to get the feelings out, acknowledge them and create actions off the back of them.

Things said in our heads may seem bigger and more significant than when they are written down on paper.

Try writing down all of the thoughts you have on a regular basis and then reflect by challenging where the thought came from, the meaning and whether it serves you or not. Reframe it to a positive statement or action to regain clarity and focus.

3. Use positive affirmations

In the morning and at night create a ritual to give yourself powerful and positive affirmations for example, ‘‘My ability to conquer my challenges is limitless; my potential to succeed is infinite’.

You can even record in your own voice and listen back frequently, especially when you are feeling stressed or anxious.

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