The Impact Academy

Whether you are a coach, business person, or a sales person, selling comes with the role.

Not everyone is a natural salesperson.

Many studies show that fear of rejection, lack of confidence, and reluctance to pick up the phone can cause businesses to fail or salespeople to miss quotas.

This leads to stress, anxiety, and poor performance.

I want to empower people to feel happy, confident, and less stressed so they can close sales, whether they are a natural sales person or not.

Tailored Support

This monthly membership programme and community is designed to address that gap. I’ve put a lot of effort into ensuring that you will be supported to:

  • Remove your mindset blocks, fears, and doubts holding you back
  • Follow your passion and purpose to grow your business and career
  • Build your confidence and be visible to take advantage of opportunities
  • Create powerful habits that will support you in building the resilience and perseverance necessary to succeed.

Membership includes:

  • Access to online short courses & training videos
  • Access to mindset worksheets and articles
  • 1:1 Monthly Goal Setting, Accountability and Mindset
  • Fortnightly Group Coaching
  • Monthly Group Hypnosis Session
  • Monthly Teaching and Focus: (Vision/ Values/ Confidence and Imposter Syndrome/ Resilience/ Perseverance/ Success habits/ Effective Communication)
  • 1:1 Quarterly Planning
  • Access to the forum with a supportive community of like-minded people who get it
  • Access to the affiliate referral scheme

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