Impact Coaching

Achieve your goals

👉 Coaching is a relationship and it’s also about results. IMPACT coaching focuses on helping you gain clarity so you can identify and create the most impactful actions. 

👉 This is so you maximise your time and results based on 80 / 20 principle and get a return on your investment. 

👉 It looks at where you are now and where you want to be. IMPACT coaching helps you rapidly get from A to B by uncovering any blockers that in your way and by giving you accountability to take action.

What you get is:

✅ A safe space where you can be your authentic self and not feel judged

✅ Someone who is invested in your success and will drive, motivate and nudge you to succeed

✅ Ongoing support and SOS calls so you can get help when you really need it

✅ Measurable results. We both agree upfront what good looks like and work towards it

Here’s how we get started:

  1. Identify what good looks like to you on consultation call and updating KPI/ metric on coaching dashboard
  2. Tour of the coaching platform so you feel at home
  3. Agree frequency of meetups and how we’ll work together
Return on investment

Visually track success in my coaching platform

We all know success habits don't form overnight

I'll create the safe space to nudge you in the direction of your goals

✅Track how you are feeling, how your mindset is shifting with our IMPACT coaching and rapid transformational sessions

✅ Create actions to get you closer to your goals

✅ Track metrics across weeks or months to visually see your progress

✅ Get text and email alerts to remind you about upcoming appointments, tasks and journal entries

✅ Complete lifehack worksheets that I’ll assign to you to help challenge your thinking and unlock breakthroughs

✅ 3 click easy process to book any appointment

✅ Access 24/7 on your mobile or computer

✅ Access to whiteboards and course resources depending on your package

✅ All session notes and feedback in one place so you can reflect and take action


Frequently asked questions

All sessions are done via Zoom. I will complete an initial consultation call to check we are both the right fit for each other.

I’ll send you the link to the coaching platform and you’ll be able to book your first session.

Sessions are offered in packages of 3, 6 and 12. 

1 session lasts 60 minutes.

Each session we’ll check we’re clear on the objective, review any previous actions and update summary notes in the coaching dashboard.

A popular option for clients is to get a mindset breakthrough using an IMPACT Transformation package (usually 3 sessions) and then to use that breakthrough to start creating actions and doing something which previously they would not have even attempted.

An example might be a client who is afraid to charge their worth. After doing the IMPACT sessions we can begin coaching to develop their pitching skills and approach now that the block holding them back is gone from their mindset.

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