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Close your gaps

👉 Continuing your development journey is an important part of being able to navigate the complexities of today’s challenges in business or in your career.

👉 Have you identified what skills you are going to need and mapped out your five year plan yet? If you work as a leader, have you done this for your team or department yet? Not being self-aware and investing in your own development can have a static effect on other areas of your business or on your career.

👉 What competencies do you need for the next level up in your career plan or if you are a solopreneur maybe you are overwhelmed and need some help with automation or time management?

👉 I can run workshops on the below topics to help you advance in your career or business:

Workshop topics

What do you want to work on?

Here’s how we get started:

  1. Identify what your requirements are on a consultation call. 
  2. Get to know each other so we’re a good fit
  3. Understand the root cause of what problem the training is solving
  4. Agree how we will know if the training has worked (metric)
  5. Agree the timeframe
  6. How will training be evaluated?
Short Courses

In a hurry? Get in, get out and learn something practical

On demand support

You can add-on post coaching support to any training workshop

If you'd like additional coaching after any training workshop just say the word

I'll be available to help you and give you SOS support

✅ Give advice on how to approach a challenge

✅ Instant replay of the training(s) available so you can reflect, implement and ask for help if you need it

✅ Track metrics across weeks or months to visually see your progress

✅ Get text and email alerts to remind you about upcoming appointments, tasks and journal entries

✅ 3 click easy process to book any appointment

✅ Access 24/7 on your mobile or computer

✅ Access to whiteboards and course resources depending on your package

✅ All session notes and feedback in one place so you can reflect and take action


Frequently asked questions

I will offer standard training videos that you can watch as part of site membership.

If you’d like me to work on a tailored training for you personally that’s very easy done. We’ll agree what you need and sort out payment arrangements.

If you want training done for you and your team as part of an organisation  that can be done and you do not need to be a member of the site to request.

I will get a detailed breakdown of the training requirement and agree a cost.

P.S. You must be a budget holder if you’d like to proceed and an agreement would have to be signed before work can commence.

Sure. The fastest way to arrange that is to help me understand what it is you are trying to achieve and the demand for it.

Click on the schedule a consultation call option and let’s speak.

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