13 Apr 2021

Is Fear Of Rejection Costing You Sales?

A recent research study found that 48% of business-to-business salespeople are afraid of making cold calls. When we think about that statistic it’s very significant.

For entrepreneurs, we are the person doing all of the sales and marketing and until scaling is an option and some of the work can be outsourced.

The latest cold call statistics say it takes up to eight emails to get a response and more than 11 phone calls to connect. On the face of it, not everyone is going to say Yes and even for the most determined salesperson, there’s an acceptance that no matter how good you are it’s still a numbers game.

Still when over 48% of B2B salespeople are afraid to pick up the phone and make calls, you have to wonder where that fear of coming from and why it’s costing so many missed opportunities?

The truth is that we are hard-wired to hate rejection. fMRI studies reveal that when we’re rejected it triggers the same neurological pathways in your brain that light up when you experience physical pain. Ouch 🙁

Bottom line is we want to be accepted and avoid rejection because it genuinely hurts. And considering most sales take a lot of no’s to get a Yes you need to be the type of person who can handle that if you want to succeed.

As an Entrepreneur you wear many hats so it’s possible that this could be something that makes you uncomfortable and if you agreed with that then you’re not alone.

Confronting your fear is the key to understanding the hold that it has over you. The best salespeople and entrepreneurs who close as part of their role learn to accept that being rejected isn’t about rejecting you, it may be linked to your offer, the way it was pitched etc.

It’s not personal, it’s business. Strategy and approach should always be adjusted and when you get into this mindset it becomes easier to reflect and see any feedback as part of aligning the overall plan.

Also, it’s worth knowing that every no you get is one step closer to a yes because we’re always in learning mode. So while the next no you might get may sting a little try to see it in the context that it’s been given, learn from it, and see it as a win.

After a while, you’ll change your mindset from seeing no as a terrible thing to something that helps you refine your offer and gets you closer to achieving your goals.

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