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Here are some helpful links to point you in the right direction. If you need any help or would like to ask a question just click on the Messenger link at the bottom of the page to chat to me.

  • Where can I access all of the articles, worksheets and content?

    All downloads and files can be accessed from your Impact library. See the link below.

  • What is the Impact library and the Impact dashboard?

    Your Impact Dashboard brings together everything across the website into one place. It links your training courses, events, appointments and account details together.

    So if you want to look at your orders, change a payment method, find the helpdesk, update subscription details and or anything else it's all there.

    The Impact library is an indexed directory of every single site resource including videos, cheatsheets, articles, mindmaps, events and more.

    So if you need to book appointments, check your account details then go to your Impact dashboard.

    If you need a resource, visit the Impact library.

  • Where can I see all of the training courses available?

    You can search for all of the short training courses on your training dashboard. It will show you every course available, what you're enrolled on, your progress and you can even add courses to your wishlist for ones you'd like to do later.

    The live training events will be on the events page. They'll be recorded and indexed in the Impact library so if you miss one, never worry; you can just search for it.

  • How do I see what events are coming up?

    Great question. Visit the events page. Link below.

  • How do I book an appointment?

    It's really easy. If you are a Pro member then this option is available to you. You can do all of this from your Impact Dashboard. A quick link is available though below for coaching and hypnosis in case that's something you want to do now. You can also see all appointments booked to date by clicking on the link view all booked appointments.

  • How do I request a refund?

    Check the refund policy first to ensure that the product you've purchased meets the refund criteria. There is an option in the impact dashboard to request one easily.

    Click on the link below and then on that page click the view button beside the order you wish to request for a refund.

    On the next page you'll see the button to request a partial or full refund.

    Once clicked it will bring up a form which you will fill in. After it is submitted it will come through for final approval which is done within 24 hours.

  • How long do I have to book in appointments?

    12 months for all packages. I always recommend booking in dates early though to get them in the diary and keep momentum.

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