This programme is a perfect fit for you if...

You're ready to stop procrastinating and start focusing your attention on revenue-generating activities.

Become clear on your purpose

Identify time stealers and bad habits

Focus on the right activities and habits

Remove mindset blocks causing you to procrastinate and self-sabotage

Lots of entrepreneurs like us admit to finding it a challenge to being productive, use their time wisely and avoid procrastination.

All sessions carried out via Zoom.
GDPR & privacy compliant

Most clients start to notice a change in their mindset after the first session.

Runrate – 30 days


Weekly coaching

Journal facility

Dashboard to visually track goals

Automatic text, email alert reminders and full calendar sync for appointments

Access dashboard on mobile 24/7 and lifetime legacy access provided after 30 days

Learn more about the programme below:

  • What is it and how does it work?

    Passion to Productivity is a 4-week interactive programme with actionable downloads, affirmations, cheat sheets, a personalised hypnosis session, and weekly coaching.

    The aim of the programme is to identify the limiting beliefs at a deep subconscious level and reframe them so that you can start taking action.

    The coaching sessions build on the hypnosis session to empower you to use the mindset breakthroughs and be held accountable for taking the actions you need to reach your goal.

    The programme starts as soon as your application is accepted. You'll be sent the link to signup. Once payment is completed you'll be given access to the dashboard.

How much is inaction costing you?

Watch the video to hear from a client who explains that she increased her productivity by 65% after just a week of working with me.

Results after one session with me.

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I am very grateful for the experience I had with Eddie and I felt shifts in my mindset the very next day! He is truly great at what he does and I highly appreciate his friendly approach.

~ Emily - Business Owner


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