Power Hours are a perfect fit for you if...

You want to serve your clients without the headache of systems and techy stuff that just fills you with dread. You need someone to be there, take your hand and help you get setup fast so you can spend more time serving clients.

Hands on support

100% tailored

Short and to the point

No need to signup to a course

Need technical help from someone who's been there, done that and can get you setup fast? Introducing Impact Power Hours.

All sessions carried out via Zoom.
GDPR & privacy compliant


Guidance notes for booking

  • All appointments that are late by 15 mins will count as a no-show unless there has been a message to communicate in advance
  • Appointments can be rescheduled and/or canceled due to unforeseen circumstances easily up to a day before
  • No shows/cancellations on the day are not possible and non-refundable (refundable up until a day before)
  • Where you have been asked to comply with guidance e.g. ensuring you have a budget available, answering questions in advance and this is not done it may impact your session on the day and is outside of my control. Your appointment may be cancelled and refunded where this is the case.

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