Money Blocks and attracting wealth

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Money Blocks and attracting wealth

£149.99 2 hours

Using hypnosis we can reframe your money blocks and empower you to start shifting your mindset towards attracting wealth and money

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How do you feel about money?

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Do you feel like you are undercharging clients?
  • Do you feel bad about even thinking of increasing your prices?
  • Have you been dropping your price regularly hoping to attract more clients?
  • Do you find you are saying yes to taking on more work and not getting paid for it?
  • Do you wish you had more confidence to ask for more money so you are being valued for your investment?
  • Do you have a negative relationship with money and find that you can’t seem to hold onto it?

Hypnosis is a fantastic tool to help with building confidence with money because the doubts that are holding you back from attracting more wealth are embedded in your sub-conscious.

All sessions are done via Zoom online which means they are safe and secure. No sessions are recorded so your privacy is 100% guarenteed.

You’ll listen to the suggestions every night for at least 30 days and start to notice shifts in your thinking, causing you to start taking a more positive approach and set of actions to increase your wealth.

Book in a session and you’ll be sent a short intake form to fill out so I can get some background information. You’ll be sent an overview of what to expect and then once the appointment date arrives we’ll get on the zoom call for our live session.

You’ll receive a personalised audio tailored just for you which will be recorded live.

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