Revealed! The Mindset Strategies Top Coaches Use to Move From Overworked & Underpaid to Successful & Financially Free!

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(Limited time launch offer) For many would-be entrepreneurs—money is a huge stumbling block. We believe that small but insistent voice that says, “Your market won’t pay more” or “You don’t know enough to charge that” or even “You don’t have what it takes to earn a 6-figure income.” And when we believe it, it becomes true.
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Attention Coaches, Healers, Therapists, Freelancers, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Service Providers: Working more hours is not the answer to a higher income, but this is…

Revealed! The Mindset Strategies Top Coaches And Entrepreneurs Use to Move From Overworked & Underpaid to Successful & Financially Free!

Stop dreaming about a wonderfully profitable (and amazingly fun) business and make the mental changes you need to achieve results! It’s easy…

Hey there fellow entrepreneur,

Entrepreneurship isn’t always what you dreamed it would be, is it?

Spending your days in an office of one with no one to talk to but the dog can take a toll on your sanity.

Worse, those less-than-supportive voices in your head (we all have them, you’re not crazy) keep telling you that you’ll never live up to your dream of being that coach, the one everyone turns to for help, and who’s paid really well for simply offering her opinions.

Pretty soon you begin to believe it.

You won’t ever earn a 6-figure salary, and never mind even dreaming about 7 figures.

No one will ever pay top dollar just to hear what you have to say.

You really aren’t that special—there are a million other coaches or entrepreneurs just like you.

Sound familiar?

We’ve all had these moments of self-doubt, and for the most part we push through them. After all, we’re entrepreneurs!

But even though we pick ourselves up each and every day and continue to carry on and yes, even make a respectable living, there’s something missing.

I’m Edmund. A transformational success & mindset coach, certified hypnotist and trainer.

Negative Self-Talk About Money Undermines Our Self Confidence

And it continues to do so long after you tune that voice out and get back to work.

It’s not just today’s thoughts that are holding you back, either. Money blocks work their way into our psyche and hang out there for years, wreaking havoc on our lives and happiness, and you probably don’t even know it’s happening.

Maybe your parents instilled a scarcity mindset in you as a child, and you simply can’t shake it now that you’re a successful adult.

Maybe an ex-partner made you feel selfish for “spending too much” on clothes or vacations (even though you didn’t).

Or maybe a high-school teacher’s offhand remark about your potential (or lack of it) is still rattling around in your head.

Whatever your situation, one thing is certain:

Your Attitude About Money Directly Affects Your Balance Sheet

For many would-be entrepreneurs—money is a huge stumbling block. We believe that small but insistent voice that says, “Your market won’t pay more” or “You don’t know enough to charge that” or even “You don’t have what it takes to earn a 6-figure income.”

And when we believe it, it becomes true.

You attract an audience in search of freebies (because that’s the “vibe” you put out there).

You keep your rates low (way, way too low).

And you never quite reach that sales goal you so desperately want and need to reach.

There’s a simple solution, and it starts with a mindset shift. Introducing…

Money Mindset Mastery To Help You Soar!

I’m going to take you by the hand and walk you through the steps you need to take to change your beliefs around money once and for all, so you can finally…

Gain confidence

Gain the confidence you need to charge what you’re really worth (it’s probably at least double what you’re currently charging)

Achieve goals

Set—and achieve—those really BIG goals that you see so many other coaches making (Travel more? Yes! Speaking engagements? Absolutely! Time for charity work? You better believe it!)

Upgrade mindset

Let go of the scarcity mindset so you can reach for your dreams with confidence and determination (rather than shrinking back in fear).


Sound good? Here’s what’s in store for you in this 100% digitally online self-paced course…


Module 1: Change Your Money Story

For most of us, the story we tell ourselves about money is the root of all our issues. It takes more than just a little self-talk to change these long-held beliefs though, so in module 1 we’re going to dig in with…

  • The two most common money stories—you’ll very likely recognize yourself in one (or even both)—and the first steps to overcoming these lies.
  • Where your money story likely originated—and why it’s so hard to shake (even if you think you already have)
  • 10 ways your money story can have a negative affect on your life and your business—and how these turn into an endless feedback loop that continues to grow
  • Where your “shrink to fit” mindset comes from—and how to combat it
    7 symptoms of a serious money block—and 3 ways to change the story
  • The “secret saboteurs” who continue to hold you back—and what to do about them
  • The one word that can instantly derail a secret saboteur—and I’ll give you permission to say it without guilt or further explanation
  • I won’t lie to you—this is a tough module for a lot of people to tackle. The stories we tell ourselves about money are powerful, and they live deep in our psyche, but once you’ve learned to recognize them for what they are, your world will change. I promise you that.

Module 2: Let Go of Money Stress

Money stress is common in life and in business. After all, without money, you’ll have a hard time just keeping the lights on, let alone paying for college or going on vacation or financing that conference trip you’re dying to take. But stress begets stress, and you can quickly find yourself in a downward spiral that—rather than helping you bring in more money—actually hurts your finances even more.

Module 2 is all about putting the systems in place to end money stress once and for all:

  • The number one mistake small business owners make when it comes to money—and the unbelievably easy way you can fix it today!
  • The scary-sounding tool you should be using every day in your business (and no, it’s not a budget)
    How to know what your time is really worth—without this in mind, how will you know if you’re charging enough?
  • Why blaming your financial struggles on “luck” is another lie we tell ourselves—and what the real culprit is (hint: it’s easy to fix!)
  • Why you must stop treating your business like a hobby—and one sure-fire way to do that starting right now
  • How to use money as the tool it is, so you can easily generate more of it.
  • 7 common outsourcing mistakes that will cost you money—and what to do instead
  • Getting past your money stress will make you feel as if a huge burden has been lifted from your shoulders—because it has! You’ll finally be able to see the real potential in your business, now that you’re not worrying all the time where the next client or check will come from. With these systems in place, you can finally concentrate on growth instead of survival, and that’s a great place to be!

Module 3: Bust Through Your Money Blocks

We all have them, and sometimes even reframing our negative self-talk (like we did in module 1) or putting systems in place to reduce the stress (in module 2) can’t completely clear them. In module 3, we’ll bring out the big guns to finally be rid of the blocks that are preventing you from reaching your dreams:

  • 3 proven “money block banishers” used by many business owners and coaches with carefully designed resources by me to help you clear your money blocks
  • Why it takes time to “retrain your brain”—and how to put your natural creativity (we all have it) to work on it
  • 4 powerful books to add to your reading list—if you take nothing else away from this module, these books are a must-read
  • Why it pays to open even the most skeptical mind about alternative ways to manage your mindset
  • The simple, 3-step process for changing negative thoughts to positive—plus a worksheet to help you practice
  • Why your personality type is a critical consideration when it comes to money—and how to use your unique type to your advantage
  • Money blocks are tough. You may need to return to this module again and again, and try several of the various techniques before finding the one that suits you best (and works). But don’t give up! Consistent action is the key to finally getting past the blocks that are holding you back, and once you do, you’ll be more than ready for…

Module 4: Love Your Money

Learning to love money is really the ultimate goal. Rather than feeling shame or guilt about having it, when you can instead love money and what it can do for you and others, you’ll finally be able to enjoy the financial freedom you’ve worked so hard to achieve. And best of all, you’ll be a lot less likely to revert back to those negative beliefs that held you back for so long.

In module 4, we’ll cover…

  • How small changes in your daily routine can foster massive growth—and why it’s critical to not try to do “too much, too soon”
  • 5 things to add to your day that encourage change—including one that might surprise you
  • Why knowing your optimal, peak performance time can make all the difference—and how to find it
  • How different styles and types of exercise affect different personalities—and which ones might be right for you
  • How to use a journal in your day-to-day life to identify negative habits and patterns—and 9 types of journaling to try
  • Two critical things to keep in mind as you journal, regardless of your journaling style
  • How to effectively remove guilt and self-blame from your life, so you can keep those money blocks away forever
  • How to find support when you need it—and why it’s ok (even critical) to ask for and receive support from others

Structured support to guide you

Bite-sized videos that you can consume on-demand…..

With each module you’re getting:

✅ A module guide that summarises and breaks down all the main info from the bitesize videos.

✅ A checklist so you can measure progress

✅ An action plan to keep you organised and accountable

Did you think that was it? Saving the best for last….you’re also getting:

BONUS # 1 – A guided meditation on wealth and abundance (worth £97)

BENEFIT – visualisation is used by athletes, business people, and entertainers to picture a future goal and experience the feelings associated with achieving that goal.

BONUS # 2 – Affirmation handouts so you can record powerful affirmations in your own voice and start programming your mind daily with the language that will create behaviour change (worth £37)

BENEFIT – science has shown that affirmations can change the neural pathways in our minds. By using powerful statements recorded in your own voice you’ll start to notice changes in your behaviour.

BONUS # 3 – A guided hypnosis session on clearing money blocks that you can listen to from day one of the programme (worth £299)

BENEFIT – This is the key that brings it all together. This audio is packed with powerful visualisations and embedded commands design to compliment the course and massively accelerate your transformational journey.

BONUS # 4 – Access to private Facebook group (priceless)

BENEFIT – share your wins, ask for support and get the additional motivation to succeed.

Total value is £1,430…and you are getting all of this for only £97 which is a saving of 93%!

To give you a taster of what you’ll get in the course….I’ve created a free training just for you called… 

“Five Money Mindset Steps That Will Transform Your Business and Income” 


Still deciding? Let me break it down for you…

This is for you if:

🤔 You’re a coach, healer, therapist, small business owner or entrepreneur who wants to start changing their money story and are ready to move past limiting beliefs such as I’ll never earn over a certain amount.

🤔 You are new to business or are already established and finding that you are self-sabotaging and need help.

🤔 You have decided on your niche and want to start earning however you are finding it uncomfortable to raise your prices or charge your worth.

🤔 You can handle devoting the next 30 days to fully committing to the programme to really invest in yourself and see the benefits.

🤔 You are super motivated, not full of excuses, and are ready to start putting in the work and using the mindset shifts to start earning.

This is NOT for you if:

🚫 You have a fixed mindset and are not 100% committed to moving the needle forward.

🚫 You are full of excuses surrounding money to invest in yourself or your business, not having time to start taking action to be visible and get paid.  This is for individuals who are ready to do the work to earn the money they deserve.

Why this offer pays for itself over and over…

If you pay for this today at full price and because of the mindset changes you get even one client in the next 30 days, then you’ve already paid back your investment and after that you can start using your mindset to scale further.

Let’s say that you charge £997 for a programme. Here’s the math:

Invested amount – £97

Returned amount – £900

Gain – £900

ROI% – 928%


Q. I can’t afford it

A. Yes you can. The ROI is 928% for a £997 value course. The value you’re getting is over £997. Even if you charge lower than that you’re still getting a really solid ROI back. It’s a no brainer.

Q. How do I even know if I have money blocks?

A. The course will enable you to identify them. However let me ask you this, do you fear that you don’t deserve money, worry what people might think of you when you have more than they do, or even worry that you’re not good with it? Those are just a few examples of what people say and yes, those are examples of money blocks. If you’ve answered yes then this course is a perfect fit for you.

Q. Why are you only charging this amount?

A. Because I believe in investing in others. Full transparency here. I am that confident you’ll see positive benefits from this programme that you’ll want to invest in other areas of your development with me.

Q. Are there any upsells or upgrade available?

A. Yes. Everyone who enrolls on this will have the chance to upgrade to my money mindset mastery programme at the very end and get a nice 20% off. It’s an intensive 30 programme that combines advanced hypnosis and success coaching (reach out if interested).

Q. Will I get access immediately?

A. Yes. Once you click buy now you’ll be taken to the page where you can complete your order and access the learning content.

Q. How long will I have access to this for?

A. Lifetime access.

Change the Way You Think and Act About Money, and Change Your Life—and Your Business—Forever

Listen, I get it. You’ve struggled with money for years. You’ve always been “broke” and you’ve never felt deserving of more. I’ve been there, too.

But you CAN change your future. And that starts by changing your mindset when it comes to money. Is it easy? No.

But it is so, so worth it. Imagine being able to…

  • Finally take that vacation you’ve been promising the kids
  • Take an afternoon off once a week to volunteer at the local animal shelter
  • Buy a bigger house (with a dedicated office just for you!)
  • Support a charity that’s near and dear to your heart
  • Or just stop stressing over money so much

Whatever your financial goals are, they are within your reach. All you have to do is take this first step

I can’t promise that you’ll make a million dollars and this course is not a silver bullet either (you should always seek financial advice from a regulated professional if in debt or seeking council).

But I can promise that if you do the work, you’ll have less stress and a far better relationship with money than when you began. You’ll find the confidence to charge more, and finally stop sabotaging your own success (you know you do it—we all do).

How much is that worth to you?

Next steps?

Signup for the free training so you can see the value that you’re about to get in the paid course or if you’re ready to go now then just click the link below.



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