Edmund Ellison

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Hi there, my name’s Edmund.

I’ve worked in people development for over 15 year’s and my last corporate role was a Learning & Development Manager for Vodafone. 

Hi, I’m Edmund. I’ve spent 15 years working in people development for local and global brands; training, coaching and mentoring people to achieve their goals.

We all feel stuck at some point. After spending years in a successful corporate career I became very ill with a condition which caused me to feel in regular pain. I felt stuck. I wasn’t sure if I could give my all in a 9-5 role anymore due to not always feeling great.

I needed to do something different while keeping to my passion of helping people. So I decided to create a business with the primary intention of helping others who feel stuck, in the career, their business or their general lives.

I explored what causes people to feel stuck: mindset, lack of confidence, overwhelm, self doubt and procrastination. I created the IMPACT model so I could give clients a transformative experience using neuroscience, coaching, neurolinguistic programming and hypnotherapy.

So now I enjoy helping mid-management corporate professionals and solopreneurs overcome their fear of taking action and trusting their own decisions using the IMPACT model so they go from stuck to feeling unapologetically confident, self-assured and empowered to take action.

Mindset is the key to taking action. Once you change your mindset anything is possible and you can start making an impact in your career or business from today, just by changing your thoughts.

Your thoughts control how you interact with the world, the habits and actions you create.

So if you are reading this I want you to start imaging and wondering what if…?

What if I could grow my business, what if I could get that promotion or communicate more effectively, what would that mean to me?

When you’ve thought about that I’d love to speak to you about making that vision a reality.


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