What is Success Coaching?

Two way process

We define and set realistic goals

Smashing through doubts

Becoming self-aware

Passion & Purpose

Remembering your why

Financial freedom

Scaling by taking action

Entrepreneur Mindset

Understanding the need for success coaching

Taking risks and pushing forward are traits of business owners and entrepreneurship.

However, resistance to change is hard-wired into people and many entrepreneurs struggle with this mindset shift.

Being able to move forward and set clear/measurable goals is important. When you are your own boss who is there to hold you accountable?

This is where success coaching comes in. It’s suited for individuals who want to increase their monthly income by taking the right actions in their business.

It’s easy to become lost and work ‘in’ the business rather than ‘on’ it.

According to Statistica entrepreneurs have a fear of failing

United Kingdom 44.5%
United States 35.2%

Tracking success

Understanding the need for success coaching

When clients work with me we identify a goal and we set actions to achieve it.

I combine advanced hypnotherapy with success coaching so that clients are able to push past their mindset blocks and take action without fear of success or failure holding them back.

See an example KPI chart from a client’s dashboard and also have a look at the demo of the coaching dashboard so you can see how you’ll be set up for success so you can visualize progress towards your goal.

(Check out the video demo of the coaching dashboard. This video is a visual tour so there’s no sound. All clients are taken through this as part of onboarding)

Using an advanced form of hypnotherapy means my clients see results even after just one session with me.

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When you were younger you could stand up in front of a stage of people or make a decision without regrets. Your ability to do that changed because your beliefs changed and you became more self-conscious. You still know how to do that, you've just forgotten.

~ Edmund Ellison

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Get in touch or look at the FAQ section.

Here are some common questions that clients have asked. If the answer you need isn’t here you can book a free 60 min strategy session with me and we’ll run through it.

  • Do you offer success coaching without hypnosis?

    Yes. However, if you feel that you've been procrastinating or not getting things done the hypnosis is highly recommended because it will give you the drive to start taking action.

  • How does the process actually work?

    1) We check if we're the right fit for each other
    2) We agree on the goal you want to work on and if that's realistic
    3) We agree on how we'll meet, the duration, and frequency (if you want a bespoke arrangement outside of a set programme)
    4) I take you through the dashboard and get you setup for success
    5) We add your metric into the dashboard to track it
    6) I hold you accountable and ask you to complete the actions, journalling and explaining what you are working on and why

  • How do you notify me about actions or updates?

    This is done via text, email and I will also stay in touch with you via FB Messenger

  • Can I add hypnosis in later if I think it will benefit me?

    Yes. You can easily upgrade and we would work out a number of sessions and pricing based on what your needs are.