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Edmund is an amazing and professional Coach. He really showed he cared and he took the time to get to know me, understand my issue and build strong rapport. His work is very thorough and he was able to wonderfully guide me to see the limiting beliefs that were holding me back and completely erase them from my subconscious mind. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I'm impressed with his work and his kindness!


Money Blocks and Confidence

I had a session with Edmund regarding my lack of self confidence and not feeling enough. Edmund was really kind and he made me feel at ease. I would definitely choose him again in the future. In one session we got to the root cause of my issues. It was powerful. By understanding the root cause of my problem and its function in my life changed my way of thinking. After that one session and by listening daily to the recording made by Edmund, I feel more confident and I definitely feel enough. I am more confident in all aspects of my life and this has an incredibly positive impact on me, on my job, and on my future plans. I feel empowered in achieving my goals. I would recommend RTT as it is a powerful method and it offers a rapid transformation that lasts for a lifetime. This transformation had a fantastic impact on me as it didn’t just gave my self confidence back but it also helped me feel happier. I would definitely recommend Edmund because he is a fantastic, skilled and amazing therapist who will change your life.


Career success and confidence

A wonderfully empowering session with Edmund. He made me feel very relaxed throughout, helped me clearly define the issue that I wanted to work with. I really enjoyed the whole experience of being under hypnosis and the recording that I was able to take away was really powerful and extremely empowering. Thank you Edmund.

Elaine Mac Raild

Insomnia and Confidence

Edmund is a great listener and explained the RTT process to me in a way that made me feel safe and ready to engage in the session. He regressed me to different scenarios in my life which were affecting my present day life experience. Since the session with Edmund I feel more empowered to embrace life and move boldly forward with confidence. Thank you Edmund.

Brandon Chedburn

Career success, money blocks and confidence

I had such a powerful and transformational hypnosis session with Edmund. The whole way through he proved to be professional, compassionate, patient and intuitive to my concerns and needs and he talked me through everything that was going to happen to reassure me. I felt so relaxed and comfortable throughout the whole experience and feel so happy and relieved he was able to find the root cause of my issue and gave me the breakthrough i needed to be able to be successful in my future career. i would definitely recommend Edmund and believe he will have continual success in his career as he has a gift. Thank you so much, I am extremely grateful

Elaine Houraghan

Anxiety and confidence

My RTT session with Edmund on general anxiety helped me a lot, I am feeling a lot of ease around this issue, like things are lifting...He has a fabulous therapist style, his voice and tones are great, and he structured the session wonderfully. His hypnotic tone worked fabulously on getting me hypnotized and ready to accept new subconscious instructions in order to overwrite the old beliefs that were not serving me. Thank you Edmund for caring so much, and changing my life for the better.

Phani yiangou